Policing: the Pandemic that Endures

Policing and the Pandemic

Press Conference Statement[1]
This was originally published June 3, 2020 at https://www.racialhealthequity.org/blog/policingandpandemic.

  • The extent to which the nation and certain regions are forcing particular communities to go to work, knowing that doing so places them at higher risk of infection and death;
  • How the nation is responding to people’s resistance to legacy and ongoing structural racism and structural violence through policing;
  • How the nation is taking advantage of the pandemic to expand its law enforcement powers and the surveillance state.
  • Black Lives Matter LA has been advocating for a People’s Budget that redistributes funds from the police to universal aid, public transit, housing, healthcare, and education. They are also advocating for the removal of District Attorney Jackie Lacey who has not prosecuted one police officer for any of the over 600 killings since 2012. They get us to see the connections between police brutality, anti-black racism, and city budgets. They also organize actions and updates on how to get involved now. Go here to follow their work: https://blmla.org/
  • Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) has been organizing in downtown Los Angeles in Skid Row, the epicenter of policing. Unhoused persons are disproportionately Black, have the lowest life-expectancies in Los Angeles County, and are the most likely to be arrested. Go here to connect with their many programs that build community power: https://cangress.org/
  • Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) and the STOP Police Violence Coalition, a network of families who have lost loved ones from police violence, have been working on important legislations to address policing. In 2018, they organized to pass SB 1421 which advocated for public release of records and, in 2019, AB 392 which advocated against the use of force. For 2021, they are mobilizing to introduce legislation for police decertification. Please go here to learn more about their actions and to connect: linktr.ee/youthjusticela
  • Stop LAPD Spying has been following and analyzing the ways that the National Security Police State uses opportunities such as the pandemic to expand its power at the cost of community power. Their series, “Power Not Paranoia,” discusses surveillance, gender, sexuality, racism, public health, and the pandemic. https://stoplapdspying.org/action/webinars/
  • Alternatives to Incarceration Workgroup has given us a blue-print out of criminalization and into a legitimate community health system. These alternatives are the roadmap. They have racial equity benchmarks to make sure that the most marginalized groups get to benefit form this new vision. Go here to read the full report: https://lacalternatives.org/



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