The Collisions Between COVID-19 And Structural Racism

Projecting The Pandemic Response Within A Racial Capitalistic System

When there’s not enough public health resources, who’s going to be impacted the most?

When there’s a system programmed to abandon people already, who’s going to be “failed” even more?

We have care systems made up of workforces that are still learning about race, racism and equity and how science, medicine, and public health have participated in and perpetuate oppression. This was also deeply worrying.

After all, the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. So, then if this isn’t about not having enough money, then it is about something much deeper that is political, racial, and moral.

The COVID-19 Task Force Comes Together To Monitor Racism And Equity During The Pandemic

One of these questions inevitably has been, who’s most at risk physiologically?

How is this information being generated? Interpreted? Used?

Centering Community Organizers & Advocates As Experts With The COVID Storytelling Project

This pandemic unequivocally shows that what has been done, our old paradigms, our ways of thinking about the self, what is knowledge, our relationships to each other and the earth have to shift radically.

Together, they are the holistic, comprehensive, community-based system that has been doing not only the mutual aid work now, but even before now. They are the system we need to be modeling on the larger level of the nation.



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COVID Racism Study

COVID Racism Study

The @COVIDRacism Study documents racism, inequity & injustice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by UCLA’s @RacialHealthEq & @CDrewU.